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Khaolak has become the name of the area including many beaches, starting from the southern end with : khaolak Beach, Nang Thong Beach, Bang Niang Beach, Khukkak Beach, Coral Cape (Laem Pakarang), Pak Weep Beach and up to Bang Sak Beach at the northern end.

Bang Niang Beach, also known as Chong Fas Beach, is around 1.5 kilometer long and it is a part of the more than 50 km long stretch of sandy or rock beaches along the coast in the region of the khaolak National Park. Bang Niang Beach offers tranquility and stillness of nature. Facing west, it offers the most spectaculars of sunsets over the open sea of Andaman and as a back drop to the east are the lush hillsides of the khaolak mountain range where beyond, authentic rainforest still remains intact.

Distances :

  • 1.2 km west of Bang Nigang Village

  • 2.4 km north of Khaolak Center (Nang Thong)

  • 30 km south of Takupa Town

  • Some 60 km northwest of Phang Nga town

  • Some 100 km northeast of Phuket

  • 1 km to nearest Seven Eleven

  • 4 km to nearest waterfall (Chong Fas Waterfall)

  • 25 km to nearest Golf Course (Taplamu Navy Club)

  • 80 km to nearest airport (Phuket International)

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